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I’m Richard and you can learn alot more about me at www.richardwilliams.me.uk

I’ve always had a passion for birds, wildlife and photography, it simply fascinates me. In my younger years I used to keep and breed parrots, parakeets and various types of birds. I decided to start this project to film some of the fantastic hidden lifes of our wild birds that many of us may not have had the opportunity to see or appreciate previously.

All my nestboxes are designed and built by myself, use arduinos to control lighting by sampling the light levels outside and are all powered by 12v batteries and charged via a solar panels during daylight hours.



So where would I like to take this project in the future? Well in the long term my plan is to purchase a woodland where I can install numerous types of nestboxes attractacting a multitude of species which can be filmed and live streamed, ideally offering visits and tours both day and night to educate in the amazing world of nature.

In the short term i’m looking to improve the nestboxes with additional outdoor cameras and i’m also looking at developing a tawny owl nestbox which can be installed at the current location of the nestboxes. I plan to do this myself but if you would like to contribute to help me move the project forward quickly you can make a small donation to help.