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Tawny Owl Nest Box

This year I added an owl nestbox suitable for Tawny Owls. We had a few visits since putting the nestbox up in February but on

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Eggs in Nestbox 2

For the first time since we introduced our second nestbox 4 years ago and after moving the location for 2021 we have spotted 2 great

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-nestbox footage-



Live footage from our nestboxes

Our live streams are up and running for the 2022  season

global footage

View footage from around the globe

Nestbox Live Stream

Live streaming from our two Nestboxes


Details on the equipment used

new year

Getting our nestboxes ready for 2021


View archive footage from previous years

richard williams

About Richard who started the project

filming across the world

See other live streams from nestboxes around the world

How it all started

I decided to start this project to film some of the fantastic hidden lifes of our wild birds that many of us may not have had the opporunity to see or appreciate previously.

Technical information

I’ve been asked a few questions about cameras and how I achieve the quality of the images.The nestboxes are powered by 12v leisure batteries which are charged by folding solar panels



the project

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